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Special projects

Welding equipment dedicated to your product! Düring develops and manufactures special machines according to customer needs. We offer consultancy to define the best application for our client, aiming to implement the equipment with the best cost-benefit. Our expertise in welding combined with the highest automation technology guarantees the success of your production.


Need: Flexible machine capable of producing various parts, including the possibility of implementing future projects. Düring built equipment that can be programmed at different projection welding points, executing programmed movements in 2 axes, increasing production volume. It has total security through acrylic enclosure and light curtains, preventing operator access during production.

Client: Faurecia

Double Head Stationary

Need: Flexible equipment, where more than one product could be welded. It was also necessary to perform 2 welds on the same part. Düring developed this equipment designed to weld with cascade movement, enabling 2 welding operations with 1 transformer, also reducing the time required to change parts to be manufactured.

Client: Brose do Brasil Ltda.

Cyclone Multi Point Stationary

Need: Stitch the same piece several times in different positions. Düring developed this equipment designed to weld with cascade movement, enabling multiple welding operations with 1 transformer. This machine produces a part with a fully automated process.

Client: Aethra Automotive Systems.

Stationary Capacitive Discharge Welding

Need: Welding safety parts, where a conventional process would not meet the needs. Düring, in partnership with the German company Kapkon responsible for the project, built and installed the Capacitive Discharge Welding Machine. The equipment is capable of performing welding so quickly that it eliminates the need for water cooling and welding of highly complex parts.

Client: Faurecia


Need: Projection welding machine to be integrated into the robotic cell. Düring developed a clamp capable of projection welding, fixed on a pedestal, to be located inside the robot cell. The gripper is activated by the robot, but in this process it takes the part to the machine.

Client: Kuka Systems

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All of our manual welding tongs, robotic welding tongs and specialty welding equipment come from a single source – from design to construction to production. Due to the high level of vertical integration, we implement your ideas flexibly and individually, both in prototyping and in series production.

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Special projects



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