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Welding commands

The welding controls used by Düring offer cutting-edge technology and reliability for your resistance welding process. We offer controls with the possibility of programming directly on the HMI available on the equipment or even models with programming via a PC connected to the control. They are available in 60hz or 1000hz (Medium Frequency). The latest generation of commands available has adaptive current control and also the possibility of integration with the PQS welding supervisory. With Harms & Wende controls, your welding precision and quality will be guaranteed.

Ratio 73

Controls interconnected in the Ratia 73 Series welding network

Ratia 73 series equipment:
Multifunctional welding controller in modular format for installing central control systems or welding suitcase

Special functions Ratia 73
– Control via FILIUS control unit
– Networking and control via Pegasus Software / (Win ZSPS)

HWI Inverters

The HWI command line features high technology, a large field of application, long electrode life and low energy consumption.

Available in several versions catering to different welding transformer powers.

Genius Inverter

The Genius command line features cutting-edge technology, offering Adaptive Current Control integrated into the equipment. Enables work with the PQS Welding Supervisor.

Available in several versions catering to different welding transformer powers.


Filius is the successor to our consolidated MPS 100/200/300 control series. In addition to common functions such as constant current regulation and stitch counting, we have included a set of new functions.

Filius stands out due to its compact structure. Filius is easily programmed with self-explanatory symbols and its simple control, central button being turned and pressed to choose options. Filius has a USB port for uploading or downloading programs and can also be programmed via PC offline.

Filius commands are available in models with 8 or 32 welding programs. Also in versions for 60hz, 1000hz or even 10000hz.

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All of our manual welding tongs, robotic welding tongs and specialty welding equipment come from a single source – from design to construction to production. Due to the high level of vertical integration, we implement your ideas flexibly and individually, both in prototyping and in series production.

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Welding commands


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