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Manual Welding Machines

Düring develops and manufactures manual welding machines for use in resistance welding on vehicle bodies and their parts. With the manual clamps of the Easy or Power Edition models, it is possible to weld even in difficult-to-reach spots, which is why they are built with a lightweight yet robust structure, to also guarantee the welding of thicker materials. With individual designs and components, we manufacture specific machines according to your application needs.

CB Easy

XP Easy


The XP and CB type manual welding tongs in the Power Edition models were developed especially for jobs that require great effort. The bodies are more robust compared to the Basic Edition model manual clamps. The increase in sizing in their construction is so that these machines can weld thicker and more resistant materials. All XP or CB Power Edition manual clamps are available in medium frequency or 50/60hz technology.

CB Power

XP Power


With the Easy Basic Edition manual welding tongs, you can reach almost all welding points on the vehicle body. The tweezers are compact, light and practical. They are developed by Düring designers using AutoCAD or CATIA V5 software and produced in our units. All XP or CB Easy Basic Edition manual clamps are available in medium frequency or 50/60hz technology.

Ours Products

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All of our manual welding tongs, robotic welding tongs and specialty welding equipment come from a single source – from design to construction to production. Due to the high level of vertical integration, we implement your ideas flexibly and individually, both in prototyping and in series production.

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